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Feel the thrill of catching bigger fish with equipment from FishOn! We only carry the best Fishing Rods and Fishing Reels from the top brands. Complete your arsenal with high quality Fishing lures and Terminal Tackle. We're constantly working on expanding our collection, and we hope you're able to find what you're looking for.

Our Best Collections

BKK Raptor-Z

Regular price From Dhs. 42.00

BKK Split Ring-51

Regular price Dhs. 21.00
Sale price Dhs. 21.00 Regular price

BKK Lone Diablo

Regular price Dhs. 30.00
Sale price Dhs. 30.00 Regular price

BKK Sea Ranger+

Regular price Dhs. 24.00
Sale price Dhs. 24.00 Regular price

Daiwa Legalis LT

Regular price Dhs. 250.00
Sale price Dhs. 250.00 Regular price

Daiwa Saltiga

Regular price From Dhs. 3,500.00

Daiwa Saltiga IC300

Regular price Dhs. 2,200.00
Sale price Dhs. 2,200.00 Regular price

Daiwa Saltiga 22 Overhead

Regular price From Dhs. 2,199.00
Blue Camo
Green Camo
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Fish Monkey Stubby Guide Glove

Regular price Dhs. 120.00
Sale price Dhs. 120.00 Regular price
Schoolin Bass
Voodoo Swamp Red
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Fish Monkey Face Guard

Regular price Dhs. 99.00
Sale price Dhs. 99.00 Regular price
Grey Water

Fish Monkey Free Style Fishing Glove

Regular price Dhs. 155.00
Sale price Dhs. 155.00 Regular price
Pink Scales
Blue Water Camo
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Fish Monkey Pro 365 Guide Glove

Regular price Dhs. 130.00
Sale price Dhs. 130.00 Regular price

Plano Edge Terminal Tackle Storage

Regular price Dhs. 215.00
Sale price Dhs. 215.00 Regular price Dhs. 0.00

Plano EDGE™ 3700™ Jig/Bladed Jig Box

Regular price Dhs. 155.00
Sale price Dhs. 155.00 Regular price Dhs. 0.00

SAVAGE GEAR DAM Travel Rod Tube Telescopic Black (8361000)

Regular price Dhs. 280.00
Sale price Dhs. 280.00 Regular price


Regular price Dhs. 195.00
Sale price Dhs. 195.00 Regular price

Howk Hot Spot Series

Regular price Dhs. 1,560.00
Sale price Dhs. 1,560.00 Regular price


Regular price From Dhs. 2,450.00

Howk Little Tunny 76

Regular price Dhs. 1,635.00
Sale price Dhs. 1,635.00 Regular price

Howk Bullfighter

Regular price Dhs. 2,050.00
Sale price Dhs. 2,050.00 Regular price
Pink Sardine
Real Sardine
Spotted Trevally
Green Sardine
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Yasi Semi Slow Jig

Regular price From Dhs. 29.00
Orange Black
Silver Stripe
Spotted Trevally
Orange Rainbow
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Yasi Garfa jig

Regular price From Dhs. 33.00
Orange Black
Silver Stripe
Spotted Trevally
Black Sardine
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Yasi Anchovy jig

Regular price From Dhs. 27.00
Black Chrome
White Tiger
Blue Chrome
Green Sardine
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Yasi Anchovy Pen

Regular price From Dhs. 38.00

Why Shop at Fishon?

At Fishon, you are dealing with experienced anglers with extensive knowledge and experience in popping, stickbaiting, jigging, micro jigging, slow pitch jigging, and much more, not only in UAE waters but also overseas. We have personally tested most of our products in UAE waters to ensure they hold up to the demands of our sport, allowing us to provide you with up-to-date fishing industry information and guide you on your next fishing adventure. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are happy to offer advice or assistance via phone or email anytime.

All fishing tackles are available at Fishon.

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"The service I received from Fishon was absolutely amazing. The delivery was very quick and the item's quality is very good. What a pleasure buying from Fishon."

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